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The Vitamin That Can Make You Happier

Vitamin B6, a vitamin so little explored by the media that makes up the B complex and so friendly to us. This vitamin, also known as pyridoxine, performs fundamental functions in the body, such as maintaining metabolism, protecting neurons and producing neurotransmitters.

This very powerful vitamin is found in foods such as salmon, bananas, avocados, white meat, plums, among others. Regular consumption of these foods helps to maintain regular vitamin B6 levels, however, if there is a shortage of vitamin B6, seek advice from your doctor about dietary supplements you can take. Deficiency of this vitamin is detected with blood tests, so every year take a few hours to go get blood and make sure everything is fine.

Five Benefits of Vitamin B6:

1- A great friend of our skin – This vitamin metabolizes the proteins consumed making the skin more elastic.

2- Fight depression – By producing neurotransmitters, vitamin B6 helps in improving the symptoms of depression.

3- Relieves symptoms of menopause – During menopause, vitamin B6 supplementation helps to diminish the side effects of hormone replacement as it regulates estrogen levels in the body.

4- Prevents anemia – This vitamin stimulates the production of red blood cells (red blood cells), the cells responsible for the transport of oxygen in the blood.

5- Good for the vision – Combats ophthalmic inflammation and prevents vision loss.

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