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The story of twelve months of the year.

The story of the names is intriguing, what is the source of 12 months names in BC calendars and what is the reason for naming is also very interesting.

January :- January was never first month on the calendar, and the ancient Greeks started the year from March and completed the year of 10 months in December. January and February were not counted in the Calendars for the centuries.

February : The ancient Greeks used to end the year with a celebration called “Febra” From the same point, King Pompilius named the twelfth month of the Greek year February. In 1582, Pope Gregory re-edited in the calendar, He kept the beginning of the year of many Western countries, as of January 1, while the year of England and American colony started the year from 1752. Some people also associate the name of a February pair with Goddess Fabria, who was considered as a Goddess.

March :- In 690 BC, march the first month of the year was considered. According to the tradition, the Greeks used to end the war at the end of the winter and after the winter they used to announce war on the enemy countries at the beginning of the new year in march.That is why many experts believe that the name of Mars was named March. “Mars” was believed as greek goddess of War.

April :- Experts have been considering the April name source for centuries, On the ancient calendar April was the second month of the year and by the same opinion, some historians means ‘April’, as second and some people describe its source Latin word ‘Aprise’ which means to open and many people believe, that the name of April was derived from ‘aphrodite’, the name of the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty.

May :-  The name may was derived from Greek goddess “Miya” of Nature and Fruit Flowers, but this name is not famous in Greek history. Mia was the daughter of Atlas and Atlas raised the world on its shoulders, Mia was also the mother of bermes, which was also known as the elchi’s of the goddess.

June : It is said that June name was derived from Jono, Jono was the goddess of love and marriage . Jano’s wedded to the biggest Roman god Jupiter and that’s why she used to be the queen of the gods. Some people believe that June source is ‘genes’ which means the family and In ancient times people used to marry in this month.

July :- The Roman calendar started from March, In this way, July was the fifth month of year. This month was called ‘quintiles’ In Latin, which means the fifth.  44 BC, the name of July was named ‘Julius Caesar’ Whose birthday was in the same month.

August :- The August story is similar to some July. The August first called “Sykstylya”. The meaning of this word in Latin is ‘sixth’ Later, this name was named ”Auguste Cesar’ when he became king of Rome. ‘Auguste means sacred or honorable.

September : In the ancient Roman calendar September was the seventh month of the calendar. Its source is ‘septem’ which means seven (7). In the new calendar September is at ninth in the year instead of the seventh.

October : Octo means eight and that is why it is October since that, because in the ancient calendar October was in 8th position. Several centuries ago, the calendar has changed and October position changed goes to number 10 but its name was not changed.

November : The name of November Just like as well as September and October names. Latin word Novem means ninth. Since it was in ninth place in ancient calendars, that is why its name was kept November.

December : Old or recent use calendars , both end on December and still, In latin decemb mean ten 10. that is why it is called December.

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