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The story of the tomato plant

When I learned gardening in grade school, the first edible that I planted was the tomato. It is understandable because the tomato seeds are just there after eating the tomato. Oh, the tomato seedling was quick to grow and in a few weeks there was the first  flower that became a little fruit. The plant kept on flowering until I couldn’t count the tomatoes anymore. It was a great experience for a boy gardener.

In my adult years, I planted some tomatoes that also grew fast. But before the flowers came about, I saw the white spots under the leaves. That was my first encounter with aphids. I thought they are not harmful until I noticed that the flowers and fruits are being invaded by those white pests. After following the advice to spray it with soapy water and also the insecticides, I realized that the best way to avoid the aphids is to stop planting tomatoes. So that is the end of the tomato story.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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