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The shadow of Leaves ~ Wednesday Shadows

I also took this photo when I made a pilgrimage to my father’s cemetery last Saturday. At that time the sun shone brightly from above the bright blue sky.

When I looked for anything that could potentially to be stored as a photo, at one moment I realized that I had turned my back on the sun and seeing the shadow of leaves under the tree right in front of me was quite interesting. Of course, a part of my body also has a role in forming shadows there.

After checking and knowing that on Wednesday there were two challenges, then it seems that this photo I can use for the Wednesday Shadow challenge initiated by Ileana.

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  1. I’m stuck with the novelties here. I hope someone explains what the challenge is and when they are. Write personal messages. I like your courage to associate the picture with the text.

    • I am very happy that you have something important to do, both for yourself and for others.

      This challenge does not require anything, it is only posted every Wednesday.

      I am sure you know me, and how I always try to harmonize between images and text.

      Btw, how can you now get a little time to do some activities here even though it is very limited?

  2. Hmm… I had a hard time remembering what was which day … but do remember there is one for shadows/silhouette!

    Nice shot! It has this slightly mysterious feel … like maybe there is a tree hole that leads to somewhere ///

    • Lately, I always start by doing a daily challenge search after logging in. That’s why I found this challenge. Also so that I’m not always missed the challenges as before.

      Yes, I took quite a much picture there.

    • I have committed to supporting all the challenges that my friends started here, and I tried to keep up with it.

      The shadow of the leaf is indeed quite interesting, and you can assume of my shadow as a shadow of a stone.