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The risky ride on the ATV

It was my first time to ride on an ATV, that is the all-terrain vehicle that is mostly for entertainment and leisure. There is a track that the ATV would run on which is a muddy road and with sloping terrain that are sometimes steep. For the first timer on the ATV, it is a scary experience because the driver does not really know how to drive a vehicle. My wife has no driver’s license and that was the mistake. Fortunately nothing untoward happened and we were safe after the ordeal of the ride.

Theme park and operators of rides should practice safety at all times. For the ATV ride, they should require the driver to have a driving license to prove that he can really drive. In Thailand, when we rented a golf cart, it would only be allowed for one who owns a driver’s license. That ATV ride is a lesson that I hope there would be a requirement for safety purposes.

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Written by Alex Socorro


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