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The pesky ticks on the pets

For a dog owner, the mortal enemy is the tick. That pesky insect that can walk faster than an ant would stick to the skin of the animal and suck the blood while there. The stay on the skin can be 1 day or even longer. In worst cases, the while the tick continues to suck blood from your pet, it will lay eggs and baby ticks will soon be crawling on the skin of your pet. It will be a playground and a feeding ground too.

When the dog is attacked by ticks, the first thing to do is to determine the origin. If it was from the grooming salon, fine, because you can stop going there and the tick will be eradicated. But if the tick comes from the neighbor, that is a different story. You have to identify the pathway where the ticks pass from the neighbor to your property. Spray the pathway with water that is laced with liquid dish washing soap. That will do the job.

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