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There have been many things said about the end of days, many calamities, like floods, volcanos, cyclones, and drought and crop-failure, not least of which, are the mentioning of pestilence and viruses. The main feature of which is the final destruction of the planet, about which God said( it was good, so good in fact, He rested). 

Ask yourself, why on earth would God completely wipeout planet earth? the planet and everything in it, below its waters or in the air surrounding it, if it NEVER did anything wrong! 

But the humans, now there is a different story entirely. A human was the only creation that saddened Him. So much, so, that God allowed everything to go haywire lately, for one reason only, and that is so humans can CHANGE. God actually wants us all to rule with Him as Princes and Princesses. Which was until now, humans actually believed that they could step into His shoes, (just like Lucifer) and they just had to be brought down to earth. See the significance of the RED PLANET and what will happen unless we start repenting. Because when God said, “Let there be light”, He didn’t mean the sun, moon, and stars, as they had already created.

 The light God wanted to become visible, was the light of understanding in the minds of men and women, which is the wisdom to distinguish right from wrong, as we can clearly see, that has not happened yet, in billions of years, perhaps now it will! The will of man is an iniquity to God, change only your own mindset or habits to a caring one and you change the world. Can you do just that? The scientists have determined that our habits or minds can be permanently changed in 20 days!



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  1. All things happen here to help to try to correct the status quo position, which must be realigned only towards love, for it to stay on track with God’s plans for his creation.

    When parts of creation stray from God’s plan, becoming for all intents and purposes self-driven egotists, without natural affection, or much love, for others, something will invariably take place to remove barriers between that love flowing, and so force it in many ways to flow again, that is, if the creation takes the apple offered by God, and does not just concentrate on greedily just stockpiling its apple seeds anymore.

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting, Grace. It takes just a bit longer than the quarantine period, (14 days) to change our bad habits to good and caring ones. Already many thousands of cases have been reported where people and even governments have started caring more for the poor and elderly than ever before. So, people are already changing towards each other.


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