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The Old School Values Not So Outdated After All

As we trudge through these challenging times fighting covid 19 most people seem to be coming to an understanding of what really matters. Our old school values  don’t seem so out dated after all

We are learning once again to put family and loved ones above everything. 

We are learning that work is important, but can be done even while you are at home, close to your family.

We have also learned that the home is the safest place on this earth. 

Kindness is not something you engage in once in a while ,but it is a way of life.

No mater where we live we all have the same kind of problems, we are just humans.

We need money but we can’t buy life or health with it. 

We need discipline and our laws helps us to be disciplined.

We have found innovative ways of supplementing the most essential ingredients we need everyday.

We have learned that life is simple and we have complicated things in ways unimaginable.

I hope we will carry these lessons with us and share them with the generation to come

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Written by Dawn

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