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Photo 200101: The cat that came to our house

I tried to post a photo a day last year, but I didn’t really make it. I am planning to do this challenge again, though it’s a few days late.

About a month ago, this cat came to our house. My kids were very happy to ask me if I have anything to feed the cat. I was glad we had some food that the cat liked to eat, and then he just stayed. Usually the stray cats here are afraid of people, they usually run when people approach them, but this cat just came near to us. I am not sure if he had an owner, but since that day, he just stayed in my yard.

My kids are very happy to finally have a cat. Another cat came to our house just after this, and now we always have these two cats in our yard. My kids are very happy to take care of them and play with them everyday.


Picture credit:@kaka135 – This photo was actually taken by my daughter

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    • Thanks! Actually I was quite amazed to see this cat wandering in front of my house too, as we seldom see such a beautiful stray cat here.

      I know you are a cat lover and I like looking at the pictures of your cats too. 🙂

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