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The joy of giving

Planning a party specially for the deprived is an interesting activity for me.  I have been doing this for several years.  There is so much to be done – picking a venue mostly at Solitaire, knowing how many will be there, who will be there to help me, what decorations to go for, what games to play and what gifts to buy, what food to serve………. 

This year there were in all 40 including guests  I bought nighties for women and berbuda for men.  There were packs of biscuits too. I also donated a portable sound system. 

The whole experience was memorable

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  1. There is a clever breed of people they feign giving they collect information about payments you get and they oversell that they have paid them whereas they do not pay a cent even they are hoping to get a mileage themselves beware of such fraud givers

          • Haha a association of employees I know of deliberately delays wage revision so that each employee gets handsome funds as arrears,;clever Alec association delays it for 4,-5 years in order to extract 1 percent commission.each year they collect millions; then enjoy the same in flights,hotels,women,drinks and rich food as poor employees look like owls.This is a LEFTIST association.these are bunch of big thugs!

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