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The importance of snack on the body

In our culture, we have snack times aside from the 3 meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the mid morning, workers take a snack to replenish the expended energy at work. In the mid afternoon there’s also another snack which makes for 5 eating in the day. Aside from the respite from work, the snack is a way of hydrating the body since you have to drink when you eat. Sometimes people tend to forget drinking when they are busy.

As per the advice of the dietitian, drinking half a glass of water every 30 minutes is better than drinking a glass every hour. For the food, eating often is good for the stomach since the acid cannot pile up. So if you have an acidic stomach, eat 5 or even 6 times in a day to control the acid in your stomach.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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