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The Higher Up The Ladder The More Votes You Get.

The higher up the ladder the more votes you’re gonna get, its simple arithmetic. This has nothing to do with how hard or easily the position is gained. It is why the top dog gets the best of what’s been clamored for by the faceless masses it’s also due to their continued support that the status quo generally remains so, it’s the way of the world. Some vote for them because it’s a way of touching greatness, hoping a little of it will rub off on them. Mostly, it’s envy. What say you?

 On the same day that the House of Representatives is set to impeach Donald Trump, a new poll from Gallup showed that his approval rating has steadily risen since the impeachment inquiry began in September 2019 and is nearly at an all-time high right now. In a poll taken during the first two weeks of December, Gallup found Trump’s approval was 45 percent, up 6 percent since the start of the impeachment inquiry. 

Trump’s highest ever number with Gallup was 46, which he only reached once. The recent increase in Trump’s approval is driven upwards, Gallup says, by a huge 8 percent jump in his number with independents.

 The December polls put Trump’s approval among independents at 42 percent, up from 34 percent in the early fall. The poll also found a drop in the number of Americans who support impeaching and removing Trump. That change, Gallup notes, was also driven by independents. Democrats (85%) remain widely supportive of impeachment and removal, while a small percentage of Republicans, 5%, agree.

 The movement in the national figure mostly reflects a shift among political independents, a majority of whom supported impeachment and removal in two October polls (55% and 53%), but whose support has since fallen significantly below the 50% mark in the two polls since (45% in November and 48% in the latest poll).

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