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The healthy lunch of fried tilapia

Tilapia is a variety of carp that can be tended in a fish pond of brackish water or fresh water. It is one of the cheapest fish here that we often buy for our dogs. They like fried tilapia. We also like fried tilapia especially when it is fried to crispiness. But it is best eaten when there is a vegetable dish so the taste buds will not be focused on the fish.

The vegetable can be a simple boiled eggplant or okra (lady finger). There’s also the bamboo shoots cooked in coconut milk. Another vegetable dish that we like is the Pinakbet which is a mix of tropical vegetables headed by squash and bitter gourd that is cooked in shrimp paste. Whatever the vegetable is, fried tilapia is good with steamed rice.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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