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The happiest people in the world

The happiest people in the world often are people from Scandinavia. These people are the happiest and live in a cold countries. What makes them so happy? Their financial situation. “Money is not important to happiness,” people say. I agree BUT that people can live nice they need money.

Hobbies, trips, going out, dinners with friends … It all costs. And one more important thing. They are happy because they don’t have to worry about money. Money is not a problem for them because they have enough.

The happiest people in the world travel a lot. Travel is a pleasant experience and a favorite hobby of many people.

Staying in nature is healthy. The happiest people spend a lot of time in nature. All the air in the mountains is healthy. The happiest people in the world engage in sports activities. They go to the gym often. The most happy people play sports on the mountain.

They have everything: money, mountains, fresh air. They are rich people, they earn good.

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