The attack in NZ was motivated by islamophobia – Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

The problem is not just that some politicians do not condemn hatred But often, times there are supporter of such hatred. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thrill on politicians who support hatred. Trudeau said, The attack in NZ was motivated by islamophobia.

He added, there are some hatred groups in Canada, which creates difficulties for refugees. Justin Trudeau express condolence to the New Zealand Victims. He declared the New Zealand Christ Church terrorist attack is the worst attack of the history. Trudeau said , Muslim in Canada or any part of the world, we are with you.

  • Do you agree terrorist have got no faith ?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. I agree, terrorists are not truly religious people, of course not, whatever “faith” they claim to be acting for. There is no religion that openly promotes terrorism or violence. However, the fact remains that the vast majority of the terrorist attacks around the world are committed by Muslims, even though their religion does not officially sanction it. The fact is, the whole ideology of Islam is about world domination – that is why it is so dangerous. Some of them take that to mean domination by violence and killing, while others dominate by infiltrating countries and changing them from within, the social structures, etc. We are seeing that in the UK – we have Muslim communities building more and bigger mosques everywhere, megamosques, and demanding Sharia law, which completely goes against the democratic values of our country. I don’t hate Muslims – I don’ t hate anyone. But the ideology of Islam is one I can’t possibly agree with.

    • Can you please point a single teaching of Islam which is goes against humanity ? Can you please point out what is wrong in sharia Law ? Can you point out single ideology of Islam which is for dominating the world ? I think you have misunderstanding about Islam. Let me ask you one Question, If the whole ideology of Islam is about world domination than why non Muslim especially christian are accepting Islam ? Why Islam is fast growing religion of the world ? Did ever met a muslim who recently accepted Islam ? did you ever asked him/her the reason of accepting Islam ?

      • “What is wrong with Sharia law?” Are you being serioius??? How about complete subgugation of women for one thing? And homosexuality being banned, not just banned but gays are actually killed in Muslim countries?? I can’t believe you would defend such a backward, intolerant doctrine! But I guess you are a Muslim, eh? My theory for why Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion – because it is all about dominance, which is a desire a lot of people have, religious or not. So a religion which tells them to go out and conquer the world appeals to them, gives a kind of “sanctity” to their lust for power.

    • was these were muslim ?
      Yakubu Gowon Killed 1.1 Million
      Mengistu Haile Mariam Killed 1.5 million
      Kim Il-sung Killed 1.6 Million
      Pol Pot Killed 1.7 Million
      Hideki Tojo Killed 5 Million
      Leopold II of Belgium Killed 15 Million
      Adolf Hitler Killed 17 million
      Joseph Stalin Killed 23 million
      Mao Zedong Killed 78 million

      • False equivalence – they were dictators, not terrorists. Of course all types of humans commit atrocities. not just Muslim fanatics. But the fact remain, almost all of the terrorist attacks that go on around the world are committed by radical Muslims.

  2. I believe that the worst terror attack in history is still 9/11, committed by *Islamic* terrorists. Liberal politicians like Trudeau are just pandering to Muslims because they know it is a big vote-winner (and incidentally, I am not “Islamophobic” – I married a Muslim! But I do hate the ideology of Islam, not the people).

    • Terrorist have got no faith , Let me clear it , Islam does not allow such attack neither preach, person disbelieving Islamic commandment he is not Muslim, similarly the Guy from Australia who attack NZ Christ church he is not christian at all since Christianity does not teach such attack or violence, so we should not label these terrorist to Muslim or christian.

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