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The Apocalypse Poll

I thought I would try another poll, it’s been awhile since my last. Why not an end of world poll? 

Have fun and comment below!

  • In your end of the word scenario, how would it happen?

    • Asteriod
    • Alien Invasion
    • Zombie takeover
    • Flood
    • Global Warming
    • Volcano
    • Bomb
    • Other, please comment below for fun!
  • Where would you live?

    • I would stay at home.
    • I would find a cave.
    • I would steal a sail boat and find an island.
    • I would go to the desert and build an Adobe house.
    • I would go to the mountains and build a log cabin, near a river.
    • I would find a big Walmart of Department Store and live there!
    • I would find a small town and live on a farm.
    • Other
  • Which animal would you take?

    • My pet
    • Horse
    • Donkey
    • Oxen
    • Mule
  • Which would you take?

    • Small compact car, good on gas mileage.
    • Motorhome with Solar Panels
    • 4 x 4 Truck with camper top
    • An old classic car built to last
  • Your weapon?

    • Long Bow (Bow and Arrow)
    • Longsword (Sword)
    • Spear
    • Blowgun (dartgun with poison on tip)
  • If you were the only survivor, what would you do?

    • Make the best of things, surf till I drop.
    • Gather all the animals around me.
    • Jump of the nearest cliff
    • Other
  • How would you prepare if you found out an asteroid was going to hit 3 hours before it hit?

    • Gather jugs of water, canned food, and dried food.
    • Gather friends and family together.
    • Run as far away into the woods as I could and hide.
    • Just wait for it and see what happens.
    • Other
  • Would your government let you know impeding doom was near?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
  • How beneficial would the clothes you are wearing right now be?

    • Not at all..
    • They might be okay..??!
    • Perfect!
  • What is something you would take that you wouldn’t need to survive?

    • A dress, or dress up clothes.
    • Makeup
    • Jewelry
    • Family photos
    • Other
  • There are 4 back packs with three items per pack, which one do you pick?

    • Tape, rope, flashlight.
    • Rope, axe, matches.
    • Water, food, fishing line.
    • Knife, can opener, plastic tarp.
  • Which Virily member would you take?

    • My answer is ______ because he/she would protect me from wild animals.
    • My answer is _____ because he/she could help by his/her positive attitude.
    • My answer is _______ because he/she would provide hours of entertainment.
    • My answer is _______ because he/she could help build shelter.
    • I can’t think of anyone right now.
    • ~~ List your answer in the comment section below ~~

What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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