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The 100 dollar bill is the most popular in the world

The 100-dollar bill is considered the most popular in the world, and also has the largest number of copies in circulation, according to El País. Only during the last two decades, the presence of the 100-dollar bill has soared 333%.

Interestingly, much of the circulation is not in the US, where the dollar lives. Almost 80% of the 100-dollar bills are outside the country, up from 30% in 1980.

What are the reasons for this growth? Apparently there are two things to consider: distrust of the local currency – while the dollar is seen as a safe asset – as well as illicit activities.

I have never seen or used this bill and for me, it is strange that it circulates more out of the USA than inside the country.

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Written by nela13


  1. My first thought was illicit activities, in the EU they won’t print €500 bills anymore mostly for that reason. $100 is the largest US note available. Not the prettiest, but probably the safest. ?

  2. It’s interesting to know that. I am not sure if it might be worth to keep the USD instead of notes of other currency.

    I don’t think I have seen 100 dollar bill before as I am not staying in United States and I don’t use any USD dollar bills. 🙂