Taking pictures is easy

Unlike before when there was no digital camera yet, taking pictures is very difficult because you have to be sure of the shot. The film is expensive and you don’t know what comes out during the developing of the film. It is also very inconvenient because you have to bring the film to the laboratory so they can print the photographs.

But now, almost everyone can take a picture. The smart phone has a good camera and big memory card too so the pictures can be unlimited in number. What’s best with the digital camera is that you can see the picture immediately with the preview function. You can shoot again if you are not satisfied and just delete the bad shot. So nice with the digital camera that I urge you to take pictures regularly.

  • Do you take a selfie?

    • Yes
    • No
    • sometimes


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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. Any one can take a photo, but take into account, lighting, position of subject, composition…
    Then editing is a skill…

    I have a lot to learn about cameras.

    As my Dad says, “Any fool can fly”, landing is the art of flying.

    However, it does not cost a fortune these days to produce photos.

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