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SuperBowl Goes Tech

I rolled out of bed and headed to the living room. He had the television on and they were explaining all the new technology that would be used in the Superbowl. There was information about cameras, sensors in the uniforms to keep track of heart rates and all sorts of things.

My husband gave me an odd look. “I think we need Doc to explain all this.” I laughed. 

“Maybe you should just wait and watch.”

“Well, I am going to get a notebook just in case..”

“You have plenty of time. It’s 3:00 in the morning. The game is this evening.  Maybe you could relax for a while.”

Honestly, I am hoping he goes back to bed after breakfast. He may need the extra rest.

I do wonder about the privacy of the players. I wonder if the information they gather from the technology will be made public. I think that knowing that someone is not accelorating and is tired may cross a line if it made public.

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  1. Let’s start (I am an employee of Verizon) with the fact that the entire stadium will be running on 5g connectivity.

    That will allow for a number of new technologies to be provided to the network in real-time. (there is an FCC-mandated 7 second lag between live and broadcast).

    1. 5g
    2. 6k cameras (see 5g)!! Because of all the extra bandwidth, this is the first 6k super bowl. We won’t see it (unless you are connected other than a cable model) but it will be there later.
    3. 3d camera system using 360-degree filming technology.

    I will stop at that point.

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