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Sunday Sky – relentless desire to live

There will be moments when your eyes look at the blue sky and see only the gray emptiness.

There will be days when the most beautiful melody will ring and you will only hear the silent sigh of your own.

Lips tired of empty words will be able to utter only – I’m very tired.

Heart wore out by big demands, will ask you just close your eyes and be gently hugged.

But you will never give up. Even if you lie face down in the mud, there will always be a flame of hope in you!

And that relentless desire to LIVE will take you to the dwelling of the hottest dreams!

Finally, you will find the center of power within you and it will become your compass and beacon of true happiness.

Never give up because it will pass too, and looking at the blue sky, you will not think anymore it is only the gray emptiness…

© Fortune, 2020

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