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Suculent Arrangement

Gardening isn’t just about growing plants but giving them a lovely place to showcase their beauty.  I often use succulents arrangements inside my home, sometimes as a center piece at others on the stairway which would otherwise seem drab.

Here on the stairway I had displayed a succulent and paired it with an creeping ivy. I love rock painting and have a number of pieces on the stairway along with my plants. Here is one with a garden fence trees and greenery painted on it and another rock painting of a lady bird.

I love to have a lot of greenery inside the house as well. Our living room sometimes does look like a amazon forest and I enjoy it. The greenery brings with it freshness, beauty and some clean air.

I have been wanting to sell my succulent arrangements for a while, but invariably my friends eye them and they are gone for free. I can just never bring myself to say no to my friends.

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    Do you sell any of your hobby products?

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    Do you have a way of saying no to your friends – can you give me a tip on that in the comments?

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Written by Dawn

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  1. This is a tough situation. Maybe if you politely explain to your friends that you are saving the plants to try selling them because you could use the money, they would understand.
    Beautiful creations!

  2. my friends and I have a rule about what can and can’t be asked. It is a difficult balance. i fix a lot of my friend’s computers. A lot! There are times when I have to say no. Normally what i say is: “I am so sorry, I am already doing XYZ. but did you try the tips I gave you last time?”

    I have a sheet of paper I give to people with common tips!

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