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Sky Sunday

This pictures was taken sometime last year.  I like watching the sky with small scattered clouds at sunset. The light and color the clouds reflect make the sky a real piece of live drama. I love the colors of gold , red , orange , yellow and silver in the skies. I haven’t been able to go out and enjoy the skies in the last few days.

The weather here is becoming really warm, usually warm for this time of the year and I am already looking forward to the cooling rains.  I haven’t been too well and thus unable to water my plants. The plants seem wilted and need watering twice daily as if it is summer already. My husband has been kind enough to help me water the plants, it really worries me to think how our summer will be this year.

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  1. My thoughts, this very moment, of you, your health and well being. I pray that you get some comfort, healing and relief.

    I do enjoy daily views of my front facing west) and back (facing east) house, just standing or sitting in the center. Get well very soon, Dawn.

    • Thank you dear Country Mama, I am sure I am feeling so much better today because of all your prayers , good thoughts and wishes .
      Oh you are so blessed, My view is blocked by monstrous apartment buildings. Enjoy the sunrise and the sunsets and post some pictures here as well. 🙂


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