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Should You Always Be Honest?

I believed as a child, honesty was always rewarded. One afternoon, while hitting a ball it crashed through a vacant apartment window. The loudly shattering glass was instantly followed by children scattering in all directions screaming loudly as they ran, “Run! one of them shouted to me. “No one will tell.” I walked to the manager, expecting praise for being honest. He laughed, saying, “I’ve never had a dumb kid snitch on himself before.” I didn’t understand what I did wrong until my mother said, “Remember how you felt when you told the truth? What he said will never be right. Pride in doing what is right will always be your reward.”

  • Is it okay to lie sometimes?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. You should always be honest. But one doesn’t always have to speak out loud. You can have honest thoughts and keep your mouth shut! That’s why in America, people are legally advised … “You have the right to remain silent …” That’s not the same thing as you have the right to be dishonest or lie!

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