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Just a reminder that we want to be part of the solution that keeps you and us as a working community. Please respond and let us know if we can help to get great content posted as quickly and keep people coming to the site. We want to be a part of the solution. Please take the time to let us know that you are hearing us. Thanks! Ghostwriter.

Why am I putting it here? I guess a don’t want to trickle what we need – I want to flood it so be willing to get my feet wet and help. I think most of us would put in a little extra effort if we heard from the admins that they know what we need and what we are willing to do to help. 

I think we have been asking, but perhaps not with enough force, so join me and send them another email today and let them know that you are willing to do. 

I am willing to read every pending post to help move through them. I am willing to write the max number of they are willing to keep things moving. 

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    Do you have any ohter ideas I should be doing?

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    Have you sent an email yet?

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