Second hand clothes

When we were kids we would wear hand me downs belonging to our older siblings. Being the youngest I never got to pass on my clothes to anyone. 

These days I have the same problem.  The poor will never wear my clothes as they do not suit their fashion.As a result my cupboard is busting at the seams.  The second generation is well off and they surely would not want those clothes. 

I have seen people buying second hand clothes but we do not have that system here. 

  • Do you have problems with your discarded clothes not knowing what to do with them??

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What do you think?

Written by grace


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  1. Maybe there are online groups on social media where you can find people who are interested in these clothes.
    We have containers that collect old clothes but there are many speculations what happens with them so I would prefer to give them directly to people who need them.

  2. Over here where I live it is easy to get such materials out to the needy. But I always advocate not to give out any used item that have warn out in strength and look.
    I don’t know where you are Grace and what the logistics will be, I would have volunteer to get those items and help you distribute them around my region here.

  3. If I want to get rid of my clothes I put them out by my home and someone will pick them up. If something is not in good shape then I throw it out or use it as a rag. I used to work in a
    Thrift Shop and people would bring us whatever they did not want. There were times they were in terrible shape and we could not put them out for people to buy.


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