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Scratching mosquito bites

With the arrival of heat, mosquitoes also arrive. And if you are part of the group of people adored by these insects,  just like me, know that scratching the bites, however satisfying it may be, is a bad idea.

According to Healthy, when a mosquito bites, it injects saliva into the skin. Mosquito saliva contains various proteins that your body recognizes as intruders. In turn, the immune system is on high alert, releasing a chemical called histamine that helps the body’s immune cells to flow freely towards the bite site.

As healthy as the immune responses are, these histamines are what cause itching and swelling.But scratching stirs the mosquito’s saliva, which only increases the histamine response, causing more itching. In addition, scratches can break the skin, which allows surface bacteria to enter your body, which can lead to bacterial infection.

  • Do you scratch mosquito bites?

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