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Respecting the place of worship

The church or temple or shrine or mosque or any other religious structure requires respect regardless of the person’s religion. If you are a Christian and you enter a Buddhist temple then you should observe the decorum before entering. Sometimes it is better to ask on the kind of behavior that is needed inside the place of worship. One experience was seeing a lady foreigner wearing sleeveless shirt with the so called plunging neckline entering the temple. The revealing attire was like an insult to the place, according to one monk.

In the mosque of Muslims, we do not know the rules so we never enter a mosque although we admire its beauty from the outside. In a Catholic church in Macau, there was a sign that says “this church is a plce of worship and not a tourist attraction.” That clearly means you enter to pray and not to take selfie. Tourists should be careful with such places so they wouldn’t offend anyone.

  • Do you enter another religion’s place of worship?

    • Yes
    • it depends on the religion
    • No


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  1. I was raised a Lutheran but not I go to a Methodist church. I have also went to a Pentacostal church and many Catholic churches. I believe in the Holy Trinity, but we have to accept other rules from time to time or visit to visit.

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