Reflections Thursday ~ Sea or mountains?

Research shows that the choice of holiday destinations reflects personality traits and levels of happiness.

Several studies have shown that people who are more introverted in nature prefer to head to the mountains and retreat into the shade of trees. Those with a more extroverted personality, however, enjoy more the sociability and interactivity offered by the hustle and bustle of the beach.

Introverts prefer remote and quiet places where interaction with other people is limited. While extroverts feel best on the beach, where there are other people, which means a lot of happenings and interactions. At the same time, they are also on display to others, which also suits their nature.

I can say for myself that I am more introverted in nature.

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  1. So as you might imagine, I am rather vocal most of the time, My wife and I have conversations running that never end.

    But in nature, both of us, simply find the quiet peace within ourselves. In nature, I prefer to let the birds do the talking.

    This is a really good place to start for reflection!!!!


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