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Reflections Of Another Day -Thursday Reflection Challenge

Reflections of another day,

When the world was still young,

A rag doll in hand,

Life was a one long playtime in the sand,

I was at once a teacher,

And all at once a dancer,

My dreams became me,

As we sashayed tirelessly.

The games never ended,

The fun just added up,

Flowers then seemed brighter,

And birds more gay,

The sky was much bluer,

Than any summer’s day!

Song birds sang more sweetly,

Lambs romped around nimbly,

With no care in the world.

Was the world younger then

In the prime of her youth?

No aching bones, no forgetfulness,

Was she at her best?

Reflecting on a day so long gone by,

It was nearly prefect then,

So leave it as it has been,

Don’t try to change it,

Nor mend it,

Just reflect on it today,

Admire its beauty,

And be gone on your way!!

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    Did the world seem much more beautiful to you in the years gone by?

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    • No
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    Would you want to change something about the past?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by Dawn

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