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Quarantine pass needed

Our town is on a lockdown that is called enhanced community quarantine. There is no public transport because it is banned by the authorities to discourage people from traveling and to limit the chances of spreading the virus. People are advised to stay home for their own safety. But how can the people stay home all the time when there is a need for food? That is the role of the quarantine pass. Community leaders are gathering information on their area’s residents and later on would issue a quarantine pass for one each per household. That means only 1 person in the household is allowed to go out.

Supermarkets and other food stores will not entertain a customer who has no quarantine pass. It is like being an illegal alien when you do not sport the quarantine pass ID. For sure that will restrict people and they will be discouraged to go out. Hopefully it will work according to the design.

  • Are you required a gate pass to go outside your home?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I can go out to get groceries, go to the pharmacy. We do not need a pass but you may be stopped to ask where you are going. I read yesterday that as of 5 pm yesterday we cannot go more than 100 meters outside.

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