Quaker oats

Taking oats is supposed to keep one’s cholesterol in check.  When I had that ghastly accident years ago because of resting for months my HDL levels had gone down bringing the bad cholesterol up.  My doctor suggested that I make oats as my staple diet. 

I took that advice and prepared porridge with oats and that lasted for a couple of years. I got so fed up that I gave up taking it and I do not think I will ever get back to it. 

The good news is that I was told red wine does precisely that – increases HDL levels. I now take red wine  – just 60 ml and it has helped me greatly.  

  • Do you take anything to bring down your bad cholesterol?

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  1. We used to be able to buy Quaker oats here in Australia too, but it has disappeared from the shelves altogether now, maybe, because of some type of a ban on importing American products, when we produce our own oats here.

    I found just cutting back on my consumption of cheese helped; I was a real lover of cheese before, eating far too much, far too often.

          • As what you said above, most medications have side effects. The anti-cholesterol tablets are reported to have some nasty side-effects.

            I only take one after I have had a fatty/oily meal, otherwise, I try to keep to a good diet too.

            The doctor and the chemist tell me that you cannot do that though, that is, to only take them as needed. They claim that you must continually take them for an effect to be produced.

            I differ from them, because my cholesterol has been lowered, and so my approach must be working.

          • Instead of medication you can certainly take foods that heal and along with that occasionally binge on your favourite food and this time your cheese!!!


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