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Putin descended to watch the drowning submarine of World War II in the sea

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has made another achievement for his unique achievements and descended to watch the drowning submarine of World War II in the sea.

Russian President Putin visited the port near Finland yesterday where he went into the through a small submarine to watch the drowning submarine of world war II. The Russian president saw the submerged subdivision submarine of World War II, with the divers also present.Putin paid tribute to Russian soldiers who fought in World War II.

The Russian submarine sank in October 1942 near Gagland Island, west of the Russian city of Petersburg. The Russian president said on his return that he had returned with a strong impression and this isn’t the first time I’ve been in the water, what I’ve seen there has had an impact on me.

Russian President Putin went fifty meters deep into the ocean to see the submerged submarine in water, where he spent an hour and thoroughly inspected the drowning submarine in water.

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