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Purple shadows

This is my contribution for Kim’s color crazy challenge.  This morning when I went up to the terrace, this butterfly pea looked so pretty catching the first rays of the sun. I had to get this picture because I loved what I saw.  The small inner petal was just a shadow as it caught the light.

These shell shaped flowers come in blue, white purple and pink. There are two kinds of butterfly pea,  the wild ones (as in my photo) and the multi layered cultivars . The cultivars do not grow easily from seeds like the wild variety does.

I had weeded out all butterfly pea from my garden with the exception of two I kept in containers, but this one seems to have grown around my vanilla vine. Just looking at the color and the beauty of the flower I kept away from weeding it out. These plants are very invasive and grow wildly like weeds all over my garden.

  • Weeds are right plants in the wrong place, right?


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  1. Some things are lovely to look at and that is one. Even they grow wildly it enhances the look of the garden. It’s a good thing that you kept these ones and can share it. Thank you.

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