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Pense’e flowers love

Has the meaning of nostalgia, similarity in love between men and women. Whenever this flower is mentioned, people often think of Saint Valentine and Valentine’s Day every year. The Pense’e wing is heart-shaped, so it is believed that they will be ambassadors to heal all wounds in love and hope for a lasting, lasting relationship between men and women. If men give this flower to a woman, that means they want to define a long-term love, can hold hands for the rest of the time and show their responsibility to the other.

The Pense’e indicates nostalgia, mutuality, “thinking of you” when away from the person you love. However, there are some rumors that Pense’e should not be picked when there is a drop of dew on the wing, thus causing death to the one who loves and breaks love.According to legend, Pense’e is the name of a saint with dexterity, sensitivity in behavior and thinking, so they are also indicative of wisdom, intelligence and depth. Men who give Pense’e flowers to women are seen as affirming their affection seriously, and women who receive flowers will be the most meaningful answer to their expectation and longing.

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