Party game with a message.

I have always organised parties for various groups – family, friends, classmates, office and these days I do that for the less privileged kids and seniors. 

I like to create my own party games and this party game had a message.  It was one of my milestone birthdays and I had it at the Institute where these kids are taken care of. 

At this game kids were asked to stand in a circle and in the middle of the circle there were heaps of chocolates.  At the whistle they had to get there and collect as many chocolates they could.  There were then asked to announce how many each of them had collected. 

Those who collected the most had to share with those who could not collect any. Sharing with the deprived was the message in this party game. The kids were quite happy to share. 

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  1. I don’t have any party message story but a English game. You would know even adults love games. Its a game reserved for children but having introduced into in a middle-level teacher training college, the students loved it when playing in class.


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