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Our pickled green mango

It is actually not green anymore but the mango is not really ripe yet with that yellow color. Once we pick those mangoes from our tree, we slice it and pickle it with salt and sugar. Placed in a plastic container the pickled mango is kept in the refrigerator so it can last for months. But after the pickling, the pickled mango can be eaten only after 3 days so the taste would be perfect. We don’t sell it but since we have a lot of mangoes harvested every fruiting season so we give them away to relatives and friends.

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Written by Alex Socorro


  1. I love eating mangos but we don’t grow them in New Zealand. The fruit shop sometimes has them but they are very expensive.
    I love your idea and would do it if we had your climate

  2. We had to make the mango pickle since a big branch fell off with their weight. We made jam this year and it turned out well ofcourse from ripe mangoes