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Ominous clouds looming large

I was hoping to see and take pictures of the pink super moon, but all I could see were these clouds dark and dreary looming large overhead. It seemed like it would rain but it just didn’t live up to the promise.

There are other clouds too that loom large over the horizon. There is a threat of a parkinsons disease ( PD) pandemic. A dutch neurologist has warned that a pandemic of parkinson’s linked to toxic chemicals is knocking on our doors. I hope we will  not push that aside as we did with the warnings of the covid19 pandemic.  Let’s stop the use of chemical weed killers and move to natural ways of killing weeds.or even preventing weeds from growing. Fats and effective does not always mean healthy or good for humans and our environment.

I you thought weedkillers are only found in inorganically grown food think again, milk, meat eggs , groundwater etc all have levels of toxins used in agriculture and manufacturing.

Dr Bastiaan Bloem says , “Parkinson’s is exploding in numbers, it’s a horribly debilitating disease and its a costly disease that should matter to people and governments. We’re doing this to ourselves. ” He adds,’We can do something about it.”

I hope our governments are listening and taking notice. It is important do what is needed when it is needed.

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    Parkinson’s is a terrible disease. right?

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    The good news is we can do something about it – right?


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