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Old Photos From My GP- They Grow so fast

This is another old photo from my Google Photos. This was saved on my secondary Google Account, which I accidentally opened today. So I thought, I’d share it with you here.

This was taken on the 14th of December in 2017. Our second son was barely three months old then. He was just a tiny, little boy. He can barely take hold of my index finger back then. Now,  that he is almost three years old, he can do more than hold on my finger. He would climb on my back, climb up on chairs, tables, and almost on anything and jump down! He loves to run around, jump (yeah I said that already), dance, and give his mom a scare by doing a tumble-and-roll stunt. I wonder where he got that? I haven’t shown him any of my videos teaching some kids to do the front roll… not yet. 😀

  • Kids do grow up so fast, don’t they?


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