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Nurse in tears, unable to buy food following her 48-hour shift due to coronavirus panic-buyers.

A critical care nurse from York, Dawn, Bilbrough, 51, broke down in tears when she was unable to buy even some basic foods from a local supermarket. This happened, following a 48-hour shift at a local hospital. She made an emotional appeal from her car, urging panic-buyers to stop stripping the shelves bare. 

Supermarkets Across the country, supermarkets have not been able to cope with the sharp increase in what appears to be acts of stockpiling, leaving many shoppers unable to buy food. In her heartbreaking appeal following her shift, the nurse pleaded with people to consider others during the coronavirus pandemic. She was, after all, caring for people other than her own family members, some of whom may even be related to these selfish food hoarders.

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    • You believe it and so do I, ahol888 but sadly, this terrible condition had to come to wipe out this innate selfish disease called greed! Which has been crippling two-thirds of the people of our planet, for the last 100 years! We were never destined to remain here and maybe, some folks who throw money at every problem to make it disappear will now have to face their mortality regardless of chucking dollars at it, it ain’t going away.

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