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Northern Bush Katydid Nymph (2019-07-09 12-27-08_01)

Northern Bush Katydid Nymph (2019-07-09 12-27-08_01)

09 Jul 2019

Chicago, Illinois (Edgewater neighborhood)

Nikon Coolpix P7700 camera + Canon 250D (+4 diopter) multi-element close-up lens

This morning I was walking my dog and, as we passed by a neighbor’s house, I noticed this little fellow on one of their sunflower plants. I say little because it’s a nymph and it’s about .5 – .75 inches long. My dog cooperated by sitting while I grabbed a bunch of photos.

Order Orthoptera : Suborder Ensifera : Infraorder Tettigoniidea : Family Tettigoniidae : Subfamily Phaneropterinae : Scudderia septentrionalis

The insect was on a sunflower plant in a neighbor’s front yard.

I did a bit of editing using ACDSee Ultimate 2019. I adjusted the lighting, increased the contrast, clarity, sharpness and detail, then made a slight adjustment to the levels.

Photo © 2019 Gary J. Sibio. All rights reserved.

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  1. Katydids get their name from the sound they make. Their repetitive clicks and calls sounded like someone saying, “Ka-ty-did”, so that phrase became the common name. Both genders are capable of producing the sound. Katydids are related to crickets and grasshoppers, with large back legs for jumping

    • Thanks. Right after I noticed it, a bee landed on the flower and the katydid bolted. I chased the bee away and then coaxed the katydid to the top of the leaf. I took a ton of photos to make sure I got a couple of good ones.

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