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Nature Tuesday ~ Health cocktail, Wild strawberries

Some time ago I showed you a wild strawberry flower. During yesterday’s walk in the woods, I noticed that the strawberries were starting to ripen slowly.

Wild strawberries belong to the corneal family, ie. among perennial herbaceous plants that grow 5 to 20 inches, preferring clay soils. Where strawberry grows, almost no other plant species grows, as the plants overgrow the soil very densely, most often on forest edges. This also means that we can rent wild strawberries in one place without having to contact them deep in the woods. They are best freshly picked, as they contain a lot of vitamin C.

Good for our health are not only sweet, antioxidant-filled red fruits, which perfectly clean the blood, but also green stalked leaves, from which we can make delicious tea. This prevents diarrhea and eliminates gout and urinary stones. Tea made from filamentous roots has the same effect.

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  1. They do not get very big here at all. I didn’t know that you could make tea with the leaves and roots. I will have to hunt some down as it is the time of the year for them or maybe I just missed them. Good and informative article!


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