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Nailed It! #4

Previous polls were about long nails and it’s time to tell something about short ones. It’s not true that only long nails are beautiful, cute, sexy, or classy. Short nails could be all these, too. There are many people with bitten, or damaged nails and they are not doomed to have nails like that at any occasion. Weddings, for instance.

Let’s see how cute short nails can be. As always, vote for your favorites and try to guess which ones are just short and which are bitten. Leave your guesses in comments, please. 🙂

  • Which are cuter?

    • Red Valentine
    • Black smear
  • Which are more likable?

    • Fishing net
    • French discret
  • Which are more beautiful?

    • Black and white
    • Red flowers
  • Which ones do you prefer?

    • Black and white
    • Purple and gold
  • Which ones are more stylish?

    • White flower
    • Golden rose
  • Which ones are more interesting?

    • Red&blue sparkles
    • Daisies
  • Which ones do you prefer?

    • Black mesh
    • Red roses
  • Which ones do you prefer?

    • Orange composition
    • Black&silver lines
  • Which ones do you prefer?

    • White&silver hearts
    • Black scales
  • Which are more of your liking?

    • Mesh on pink
    • Black&white
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