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My Picks for Cool Tweets About Adonis

If you are familiar with Greek mythology then you know that Adonis was a beautiful boy who was loved the goddess Venus (or Aphrodite).  This name has come down to us throughout the centuries and is now used whenever referring to any young man that is strikingly handsome.  My quick research indicates this is a very popular name in Hawaii.

My connection with this name has nothing to do with mythology.  It’s a childhood memory.  The last name of one of my classmates in elementary/middle school was Adonis.  She was a friend and she was an amazing artist.  Sometimes, if I asked her, she would draw pictures for me.  One time she drew me a picture of a mermaid sitting on a rock by the ocean.  She is in my 8th-grade class graduation photograph.  Sadly, after that grade (circa 1968), we started attending different high schools.  That put a distance between us, we grew apart and lost touch with each other.

OK.  Enough about me.  Check out these cool tweets about “Adonis”.  These are tweeters who have “Adonis” as part of their name or just folks who tweeted something with the word or name “Adonis” in the context that it being used these days.


♦  From the book of BREXIT Lamentations.

♦  This is probably big news in the video gaming industry.

♦  For the record, I am not gawking at this hunky guy,  I just happen to like suspenders.  LOL.

♦  I would have never thought to associate  “Adonis” with a sandwich but … Hey!  It looks yummy!

♦  I totally understand associating the name “Adonis” with this magnificent horse!

♦  What do you know?  A tweet about Adonis in Greek mythology.


  • Are you aware of the various ways the name or word ‘Adonis’ is used in our present day? (If so, please share in comments.)

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