My daily picture – Spring messengers

My husband brought me today a bouquet of snowdrops. I love them! 

Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) are one of the first of all spring flowers to bloom. Although they have a fragile appearance, the snowdrops know how to defend themselves very well. Their bulbs are poisonous, which is why no rodents dare to eat them. If a person is curious to taste from the bulb, he risks getting intoxicated, because the substances it contains are poisonous to humans.  I have pleasant memories about this flower. Every spring, when snowdrops were blooming, my mother brought a large bouquet of snowdrops picked from the garden into the house. She always told us not to bring a single snowdrops into the house because it brings bad luck and we  could   remain spinsters!😀😀

  • Do you know other superstitions about snowdrops?

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What do you think?


Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. These are my favorite flowers. But where they live does not grow very warm. Fantastic photo.According to popular belief, if the snowdrops bloom before January 18, the year will be fertile and the winter months will be warm and mild. This is how the appearance of snowdrops in Bulgaria is interpreted.

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