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My apple seedling

This is a tropical country so don’t expect to see an apple tree, an apple sapling or even an apple seedling. Just a stroke of luck that I am holding in my hand a pot with an apple seedling courtesy of my niece. It was a challenge to her to grow an apple from the seed and she was successful. So now she passed on the challenge to me that I have to grow the seedling into a sapling. Is it possible?

With the few leaves of the apple seedling that can give me hope, perseverance and prayer could do the trick. After 1 year last Christmas of 2019, the apple seedling is now an apple sapling that is 5 feet tall but with a thin stem. I congratulate myself for the feat of having an apple sapling in this tropical country which is a certified rarity. And to make it bear fruits, that’s a mighty big challenge.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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