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I usually share my kind of music.  But this time I’ve added a twist.  My daughter just started her first year of college.  I’m excited.  She’s stressed.  One thing I know she does to maintain her sanity and keep her mind calm is to listen to music.  Everybody in the world knows that music is therapy.  Each person has their own unique individual tastes when it comes to music. A song or the sound of an instrument can make one person happy or clam.  That same song or instrument can drive another person insane!

Every now and then my daughter will share some of “her music” with me.  The music videos she chooses are young artists about her age and of course, I have never heard of any of them.  But I like them!

Monsune is Chinese-Canadian. The first Monsune video my daughter shared with me, I thought ‘This kid has an old school vibe.’  I know I am not the only one who thinks that because when I looked him up on the Internet people were using these terms to describe his sound and style:  “soulful” and“groovy”.  Yep yep.  Like I said.  Old school vibe.  🙂

Crumb is the name of a band. They are an American group and categorized as Indie Rock.  I sort of picked up an old school vibe from them as well.  One article writer described their sound as “Eerie, Disorienting, Trippy”.  Yeah.  That sort of sounds like my generation.

Alexander Rybak is a violinist and he sings.  My daughter knows how much I love violin music.  She was certain I would like this kid.  I do! He’s a cutie and a keeper!  I have to laugh at myself though.  His videos are 10 years old.  I guess I was asleep under a rock when he came onto the music scene.

Below is a sampling of songs by singers and musicians my daughter introduced me to.  Enjoy!

P.S.  “TLF” means “The Last Fox”. That’s what I call my daughter as she was the last child born in the Fox family.  🙂


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    • My daughter has problems with concentration. Even though I sometimes can’t work with music in the background, for her, listening to the music evidently taps something in her brain and helps her to focus on the task and complete it. I’m glad she found something that helps her. Especially since she is in college. Thanks for your comments. Always appreciated.

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