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Movies I Hate: “There Will Be Blood” (2007)

My late sister once told me that it was the mark of a great actor or actress of they played their character so well that you really hated them!!

If you are a loyal fan of Daniel Day-Lewis (Sir Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis) then you have probably seen this movie.  It’s not a recent film.  It was released 10+ years ago.  The movie is “There Will Be Blood”.

I don’t care for all of the movies where Daniel Day-Lewis is the star, even if he is a “Sir”.  But I do know that he always gives 200% whenever he gives a performance.

This film won 2 Oscars.  One award was for Best Achievement in Cinematography: Robert Elswit.  The other was given to Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role.

He was good!  He played his part well.  He was so good that I HATED HIM!!


If I met any of those people in real life I would run away from them!

I only liked 2 characters: the adopted son (of Daniel Day-Lewis) and the girl he fell in love with.

As for the character played by Daniel Day-Lewis and that preacher he was always butting heads with?


So was there blood?  If you have not seen the movie, I don’t want to spoil it for but … yeah!  Blood was definitely shed.

Sean Fennessey, a writer for The Ringer, a publication that covers sports, pop culture, and tech, provided a succinct description of this film in his movie review:

  • The movie itself is a submergence into the depths of American desperation—for money, salvation, family, something to call your own. It’s a hole that you can fall down and never crawl out of.”

Never crawl out?  Never??

What a relief to know that it was just a movie and not a historical account of real events.

So relax. If you are pursuing the American dream … dream on!

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