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Mother never let us play with food

Playing with food specially when kids have their fill is common  Mother never let us do it  I wonder if I should do the same with Pinkie our cat.

I agree I over feed her and her brother Lolly.  We get plenty of fish these days and so why not?

This morning after her fill Pinkie started playing with the fish and that pose that you see is what I captured.  I have also clicked a video and enjoyed watching her do it  It lasted more than an hour and finally after that exercise she felt hungry again and started eating that fish

  • Are you strict with kids when they start playing with food?

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  1. I did not know what to answer as I do not have “human” kids of my own. Of course I have Runt (my cat) who is spoiled rotten… He is an indoor/outdoor cat and sometimes he brings on the deck some mice or birds that he caught. But he rarely plays with his dead prey, at least that I have noticed. He always eventually eats them but leaves the heads lying around. I do not mind picking them out and putting these in the garbage… But Runt does play sometimes with crickets trying to catch them in mid jumping air until finally one of them lands on his nose and he goes crosseyed and tries to swat it off with his big mitten paws… I never have the time to catch my phone to make a video of his antics and games….


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