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More on naughty Pinkie

Pinkie’s mother had left them and only now has returned expecting me to feed her which I do.  Pinkie missed her as she was still being breast fed.

Pinkie has now become a big girl and just does not like her mother any more. Yesterday while her mother came to take fish from her bowl she gave her one wack on her head. 

Pinkie as you can see is passionately fond of her brother who looked after her when her mother left them

Pinkie and Lolly get along very well.  Lolly  tolerates his moher and he is even seen  just watching her eating. 


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  1. Yes, if only animals could talk…I was upset one day, don’t remember what it was, but told the budgie about it, he came up to me put up his head and tucked his tummy in as if to say, “Chin up, and pull yourself together!”
    I don’t know if he was actually saying that…


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