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Missing All The Trees In Bloom

All the trees in our neighborhood will be  in bloom now.  But with Covid19 and all the restrictions I am afraid I will not be taking many pictures this season or even be able to enjoy my walk in the parks nearby.

I am not complaining about the restrictions or any of the local governments actions. They are doing their best to help us and prevent the spread of the virus. It is important for us, as responsible citizens, to comply with the orders of the government and take all the precautions we can to remain unaffected and safe.

It is important to be stay safe and ensure the safety of others. There is hardly a sound in the neighborhood today with stricter measures imposed.

We have also been told not to circulate spamy messages on social media  that claim to cure or suggest ways of warding off covid19. I think it is a smart move on the part of the government,  as people now have loads of time on their hands reckless forwards could cause more harm than help.

Although I miss all the trees in bloom, I appreciate and applaud the care taken by the government to help us in this crisis.

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    Are you still allowed to go out for walks and such?

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    Have you been staying indoors all the time?

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  1. Things are very bad here in Spain. In the city where I live so much, but the bans are strict, and they face heavy fines for disobedience. The stores are loaded with enough food and toilet paper.?????? The hoarding craze is gone. I was shopping today. I do this in two weeks .I travel in a masked car?,?️and gloves. Of course, documents that I work and care for an elderly lady.

  2. For once, we can go out for a walk, we just have to avoid other people as much as possible … for me it’s not a problem because I live in the countryside and have ample opportunity to walk through the woods where it’s difficult to meet any

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